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David Crockett State Park

Near Lawrenceburg, TN: David Crockett State park
Compared to some of the parks in the west, this one was very nice!

Saw a Mermaid sunning herself near the dam.

She was not allowed to fish, or

There were other water features throughout the park.

Looks cold.

Covered bridge in the park.

Same bit of water...

...but the view is from this bridge outside the park

...and there was this park as well.

That park looks over into David Crockett park. I have no idea why.

So about this time Motocopter shows up. We talk a bit, compare horsepower numbers and when I realized what he had under the tank, I figured we better stay off the four lane or I'd never see him again.
We headed to "Downtown Lawrenceburg" to take on some fuel and head south.
Found some good rural roads and headed back to Hohenwald. Cops were fairly stiff on the trace, so we had to keep the "horses" under control. It's really tough to ride 50 MPH.

Ok, if you've stuck around this far, it's about to get really good.

By show of hands, how many of you want to see the YugoCycle?
Tennessee Plates
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