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Day 2
Sun, July 15, 2012
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On the road around 8am (local)
Found brekky at Windy Point Lake… approx. 10min from McLeod Lake. Judging from the artifacts and photos on the walls, the place was opened (or at least decorated) by Dutch immigrants … looks like my mother’s kitchen!
Fuel station wasn’t open yet, but I should be OK till Chetwynd.
Must have thrown a wheel-weight somewhere … front wheel bounces a bit in the 50-60km/h range. Will have to look for a bike shop somewhere.
Drift helmet cam seems to be well and truly fucked. Either the unit is hooped or the battery in the remote is done. Hope it’s the latter. Will have to add new battery to my shopping list for PG.

Glacial outflow valley on the way north

The highway crosses the mighty Peace River immediately downstream of the Peace Canyon hydro facility … a ‘run-of-river’ dam a few km’s downstream of the W. A. C. Bennett dam.

Bridge and 'art' at the Peace River crossing

Peace Canyon Dam (just downstream of the W. A. C. Bennett Dam)

Got to the dam in reasonable time, but knew I wouldn’t have much time to sight-see if I wanted to get back to Crooked Creek in reasonable time.
After checking in with security at the front gate, I made my way to the Visitor’s Centre, parked, and had a look around. Some of the stats on this thing are incredible, and the displays were well done. I opted to pass on the guided tour, and do a self-guided ride across the dam. The thing is huge, around 2km across and 180m tall at the intake to the turbines, and an emergency spillway that appears to just drop the overflow around 100m down to the valley floor. Despite the trouble with the Drift, this was something that absolutely had to be captured on the helmet-cam. I just had to start and stop the damn (no pun intended) thing before I put the helmet on. Needless to say, it’s a cool ride across … it’s the only real way to get a sense of the size of it. After getting across, the road out to the end of the spillway was closed for maintenance, so I didn’t get a chance to see that, but everything else was relatively open to the public … although a couple of the checkpoints have those bollards that extend hydraulically out of the ground if they need to shut things down quickly. Rode back to the entrance and stowed the Drift, and started making my way back south.

Pic from the visitors' centre

A good shot of the elevation difference between upstream and downstream.

The water intakes for the turbines

The powerstation

Upstream view of the emergency spillway gates

Looking down the spillway

Stopped in Chetwynd for fuel on the way back. After fuelling up, I moved the bike over to the front of the convenience store to grab some water and jerky. Saw two guys on fully-loaded V-Stroms. After grabbing my shit, I stopped to chat with them and see where they were headed … I’m glad I did. Their names were Cacha and Adrian, and they were on a 3-month trip from southern Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, AK and back! My Spanish is almost non-existent, but Cacha spoke decent English so we chatted for a bit and swapped notes on our trips so far. They gave me a sticker for my luggage, and I snapped a pic for posterity.

Cacha y Adrian

Their trip sticker

Nothing like a F8GS to make a sticker look gooooooood!

Their ride is posted on
Got back to Crooked Creek … the place I couldn’t get into the night before … was lots of room this time, and the weather was great.

The campsite at Crooked Creek

The bugs were a bit bad at the site … when the breeze died, they really came out. Had to use the bug dope … something I don’t like to do if a shower isn’t in my immediate future.
Made a brief shopping list for PG tomorrow … batt’s for the Drift remote, wheel weights, some more Cdn cash. Discovered that a 8Gb microSD card in the Drift only gives about 45 min of HD footage. If I can get the Drift working again, I’ll have to either get a couple more cards (already have 2 8Gb cards), or look at a netbook to be able to dump footage from the cards at night. Will check prices in PG and check online to see if prices are much different in the US.
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Mileage: 489 km

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My fancy 'new' scotch cup. I found it in the garage and it has my initials on it ... I just wish I could remember where it came from!

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