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Oct 27 Leaving Real

Took my time getting the bike out of its parking space on the “sidewalk”. Straighten the bike out, get it on the road, navigate up the little bit of hill past the guy across the road with his Land Rover's (with bald tires) door open, head down a one way street the wrong way (cause it was the easiest) and around to the bottom of the street the hotel is on. Haul my heavy stuff down and head off through the low hanging ropes and throngs of people.

Was the only one to go out through the tunnel so the guy hands me the baton to deliver to the other side. Since the tunnel is one way, keeps things orderly. Whole whack of people over there waiting for the baton to come back so they can come into town. Half dozen or so tour buses sitting there – they can’t go through the tunnel so the people are hauled in on donkey drawn wagons. I think this is the end of the Catholic celebrations in town so I’m guessing these are worshipers.

Was cloudy and windy when I got up but no rain - whew! However, when I got out the other side of the tunnel, there was a light rain and the first 8 km or so had a few sphincter clenching moments as the bike slid a bit here and there on the wet cobblestones.

Heading to Ciudad Valles and rather than take the straightest route, which is largely flat and straight, decided to detour a bit to get a few km of nice roads. GPS, as usual, was quite confused and had me on all sorts of nasty side streets in the town of Tule . . . I finally took the bull by the horns and went where I thought I should and eventually the GPS agreed to me. If two are wrong, doesn’t make it any righter . . . after going up more crappy dead end steep dirt roads, asked a couple of guys where the highway was and turned out I was one block off . . . the other way from where I was trying to go. Idiot!

Road to Ocampo is pretty nice, twists up in the hills – only problem was there was some pretty low clouds making it foggy and wet and couldn’t see Jack so, I just took my time.

Staying at the Hotel San Fernando in Ciudad Valles, an old hotel with big rooms and lots of hardwood but it is a bit long in the tooth. A a lot cheaper than Mision Valles I stayed at last time – wasn’t in the mood for fancy schmancy.

Sorry, no pics today
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