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Oct 28 - They day I hoped wouldn’t end.

Holy cow! Started off on Hwy 70
west from Ciudad Valles and I immediately began to recognize it – man was it fun. Last winter when I rode the same road it was also a Sunday so no trucks. What a blast. Looks like they are just about done with the new cuota so, should take most of the weekday traffic and leave this sweet little bit for the odd motorcycle.

When I got to the small town of Rayon I headed south hoping to find some back roads. Had a couple of alternatives and when the first alternative turned into a rocky, muddy road in the thick fog, I figured I’d have enough of that later and moved on to plan B over to Hwy 69.

Peńalmiler proved to be another typical town for me. Head in, don’t notice any signs and now I’m wandering around town. Find what looks like a highway and head out. GPS says nope! Nice road so I ride it for awhile. Better go back – ask an old guy directions and wind up on the highway that I came in on. Turn around. After a few GPS recalcualtions, find the right road – wasn’t sure at first as a bit ratty but it improved.

Just about the whole ride today was rural twisted roads. It was a fairly long day for me and many times I’d hope it wouldn’t end. It was just such a blast. Incredible views, incredible roads. Just about every road was twisted with fantastic views. I think Hwy 120 from Japon to where I turned off to go to Peńamiller was easily in my top 5 Mexico roads and may even be vying for number one. One of the best days riding I have had.

Talking about being a "long day for me" - I find I am less prone to really long days . . . like I used to. Somebodys ride report I read established the 3-3-3 rule: No more than 300 miles a day, finish by 3 in the afternoon and no more than 3 beers. The first one is the easiest – when you are riding back roads in Mexico, either the twisties or the topes will slow you way down and 300 miles or 500 km is lots - today was about 470 km. The second one . . . sometimes I can knock off early , and the third one – I actually try to stick to that one, not always successfully, but the intention is there.

Not a lot of pics today – I was trying to rely on my GoPro and the remote I finally got hooked up to take on the go pics. Had some technical problems so didn’t get a lot.

Trees overgrowing the road – trucks keep them trimmed and create a tunnel effect

This guy was just grazing on the side of the road.

Same with video – the first part of Hwy 120 was much different than the second. This video is a small part of the downhill ride.

Arrived in San Miguel de Allende just as the sun was setting so the timing was perfect. I’m embarrassed to reveal that I’m staying at the Best Western. It seems that so many of the hotels here are crazy priced and the one that seems to come up as a frequent recommendation on ADV has no internet. (The gadget guy needs his connection with the world if he is going to stay in one place for 3 days).

Will check out SMA tomorrow.

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