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Originally Posted by BigDave75 View Post
Awesome ride report once again!!! I had just finished reading the summer of stupid before I left for South Africa almost two years ago and just found this one this week! I hope to run into you guys on the road someday here in God's country, Oregon! Thanks again for such a great report!l
Hi BigDave75!
Wow, I'm glad you found us again, sounds like you've been busy, too.
Thanks for reading!

Originally Posted by emerson.biguns View Post

I noticed there's a lot less black & blue on this trip.

Hopefully you haven't applied for copyright protection and I can use them as my signature?

hey emerson.biguns!

haha, those boobs match your avatar perfectly!
Of course I'll share -

( o Y o )

(and, yeah - thanks for noticing I'm not as mashed up this time! )

Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
awesome videos and photos!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by mamacone View Post
Excellent ride report, not very many I look forward too. I have been hooked since the Klim rally. The canimal rides were epic. Your efforts are appreciated. Nothing like fresh rubber, especially a 908.
Aw, glad you're enjoying the report!
Yeah, the KLIM rally was pretty great. we had so much fun.
And, BC - swoon.

thanks for checking in!

Hey you guys,
sorry this thing spends so much time just sitting around lately.

I'm not ignoring you, I swear.
It's been another lousy week.
Not just with work...

my grandfather is in the hospital. It was bad for a while, but he seems to be doing better now.
Also, I've been really sick.
Too sick to do anything but lay in bed and be pathetic.
I'm feeling better today, though.

Anyway, don't give up on me - we still have some good riding coming up...
Some river crossings, some sand (dunes, even!), some Christmas Valley 2 track...
I think some of our most technical riding of the whole trip was on Crane Mountain (at the Oregon/Cali border)...

Day 50: 8/10/12 continued
Near Ukiah, OR to Cranes Crossing CG 222 miles

Olive Lake was a great stop last time.
So pretty and peaceful.

We were looking forward to having snacktime and enjoying the view.
There was a cute chipmunk taking a dustbath, but I didn’t get the camera out in time.
Darn it!

Just as Matt and I were settling down on this shady bench, we heard a bunch of yelling...

There was a shrill, female voice shrieking, “you always ruin everything! I hate you and I hate my life!”
and then loud footsteps going down the dock.
A man followed her. Her dad, probably.

Couldn’t you go back to your campsite for this BS?

But, no. They had to subject everyone to their crap.
(we had the bench to ourselves, but there were people in lawn chairs on the other side,
as well as people in canoes on the bank)

Anyway, there was all kinds of drama - screaming, crying (fake crying), whining...
Bargaining, pleading, threatening (all from the same girl)...
And we had a ringside seat.

The Olive lake Tree of Trust.

I had my back to them, so I assumed it was someone’s bitchy teenage daughter,
ruining the family’s vacation.
But, Matt said it was actually someone’s 40-something year old wife or girlfriend.
ruining everyone else's vacations.


Worst. snacktime. ever.

On the plus side, we saw another osprey catch a fish!
I have another crappy photo to show for it.
Oh well. It was neat, I promise.

Back on the road...

We were heading into Sumpter for fuel.

Noticed a lot of For Sale signs in Sumpter this time...
It must be rough to make a living in these small towns, even in a strong economy.
But, lately? So sad.

Luckily, the gas station was still open.

Remember this joke from last time?

I think the egg was even bigger this year.

I went inside this time (got an otter pop).
It was so nice in there with the AC blasting.

We were talking to the guy behind the counter and, to make conversation,
asked him how far it was to Seneca.
(we’ve only been there via the dirt)

He said, “Where?”
“Seneca? Is that in Oregon?”

He had all kinds of maps in the store, so we all started looking.
What the hell? Why can’t we find Seneca?
It seemed to be just beyond the boundaries of every map he had.
I think he was starting to think we were full of BS.
No, really, Seneca is in Oregon! It’s close to Sumpter, even.

Uh huh. Sure it is.

We never did find it on his maps.
I'm sure he thought we were just stupid city folk, confused as usual.
Or Kalifornicators, hopped up on Four Loko.
(this was where we bought the Four Loko last time )

Here, I have a map now.
It’s 82 miles away, on the slab.

A is Sumpter, B is Seneca.

It’s not like they were on other ends of the state, either.
Again, A is Sumpter, B is Seneca.

Anyway, at least we weren’t crazy.
We might have been tempted to buy some Four Loko again, but they don't sell it at Sumpter anymore.
He said it wasn't a big mover.

Some old rusty things for the ride report.

Leaving Sumpter, there’s a short detour on an ATV trail.
it wasn’t much.

They have warning signs when you go the other direction...
Max width of 50”

Gravitycheck’s photo from 2010

After single track, this was huge!

Hmm. I'm not quite ready with the last photos.
I guess I'll leave you with some cow butt...

Aww, too bad we've pretty much over done Baby Got Back...

And I already used Culo...

How 'bout some Shake Your Rump?

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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