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Originally Posted by disston View Post
It sounds like you were lucky to have the left side on compression when you set the valves. But I'm not one to smack a gift horse in the mouth.

Here's where i stand.

buttoned everything up. Want to note, when i did do the rubber pieces between the carbs and cylinders i took the carbs off and gave them a basic clean.

Followed this how to to a T. Was for newer bings, but similarities were there.

I used CRC carb cleaner.

Once cleaned, blew the carbs out with Air. made sure everything was dry. reinstalled. I tightened everything i removed, Main Jet assembly, pilot jet, and mixture screw. then backed off the mixture screw 2.5 Half turns, thats where it was pre removal.

Reinstalled the carbs, positioned the throttle cables to the point where the cable was not activating the throttle body.

I then fired up the bike.

Sounded better than before. Could still hear the valves tapping, but not as loud as before. Not loud enough to worry me. Started off at a low idle 500 or so rpms, i started messing with the mixture screw to where it sounded good to me.

That brought RPM's up to about 1500. Seems too high. After idling here for about 15 minutes, RPM's came back down to about 500 with clutch out, clutch in 1500. But within 5 seconds of having the clutch out it would start back firing before cutting out.

Figured i'd just ask whats going on, here on the forums before proceeding. Perhaps something to do with the throttle screw? or something i did within the carb?

Thanks for everyones help though, i'm learning. thats for sure...
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