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We decided to take a short day today, and find a good place to crash in Puebla for a few days in order to perform some bike maintanence and touristy stuff. Rolled into Puebla around 11 AM and got down to business of hotel hunting. For me, that means pulling up in front of a likely establishment or just riding my bike straight into the office (I’m not joking, you can do that down here in some places) and shouting “Cuanto cuesto un cuarto?!” at the top of my lungs. If they say anything more than 350 pesos, I usually run off screaming in outrage. When the price is right, we get down to the real important questions: “Hay estacianmento seguro y internet?” (secure parking and wifi). Those are both deal breakers. Well, maybe not the wifi, but definetly the parking. If that all checks out, we then go take a look at one of the rooms to make sure it isn’t too heavily infested with roaches. I did this at about 6 different hotels before we found the right one.

After settling in, we made a run to Mexican Auto Zone. Picked up some gear oil for the chains and a little pump oiler for the application. Ed Zachtamundo says that he’s seen people zip tie a pump oiler to their frame so that the spigot is just over the chain. Then, they can reach down and oil the chain while they are still rolling. I might give this a shot tomorrow.

Finally today, we cleaned our air filters, oiled our chains, and thumbed our noses at Green Peace. We parked our bikes on the sidewalk in front of the hotel, pulled out the gear oil, and sprayed it all over the ground. We also managed to get a little bit on the chains too. We then took a water bottle, cut it in half, filled it with gasoline, then used it to rinse our air filters out into the storm drain. As we were busy destroying the environment and polluting the pristine Mexican scenery, a few cops walked by and totally ignored us. In California we would have been looking at 10 to 20 in a Super Max. I love this place!

Tomorrow we change oil and go do some of that touristy stuff that I’ve been totally ignoring so far.
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