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While I've had stable behaviour with a previous set, the most recent set that I just put on my 690 is acting up.

Sometimes it (the single button controller) repeatedly flashes with all 4 lights illuminated, at which point I have to shut it off (hold button on for approx 3 secs). Then I press the button again (hold for approx 3 secs) to turn them on, and they're fine, allowing me to select any of the modes (1/green, the least amount of heat, 2/yellow, the next level up, etc...).

I've also had them shut off on their own, ie: if I'm riding away while on #2 (nice toasty setting), I'll slowly notice my hands getting chilled, look down and notice it's turned itself off !

I've actually got a spare kit, and am going to try the controller from the other kit to see if thats whats defective....
I've just installed the KTM grips on my 690 and 990. Both bikes have G2 throttle tubes, so the right side was hard to install. I've had the 690 set turn off once or twice. Not sure what is causing that, but it's not low voltage (both bikes have Signal Dynamics volt meters). Overall, they seem to work well for me.
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