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Great RR guys. Just a comment on the KLR. Despite the extra weight, I have ridden my KLR on the OBDR and several other long routes with little hassle, because I keep the packing weight relatively low. On these trips I think the way you pack your bike is almost as critical as the bike choice itself. My buddy on his BMW dakar 650 for example had a very difficult time on the OBDR because virtually everything he was carrying was in an Ortlebe dry back on the rear rack. After a few falls and a badly sprained ankle, I got on his bike to move it and I was amazed at how top heavy it was, and this is coming from a guy with a 6 gallon tank. It was like riding a wedding cake. KLRs get a bad rap, but they are kinda like donkeys not race horses. They will get you there, just a little slower, but with fewer gas stops......
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