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Originally Posted by dapman View Post
Lots of time, money, searching the internet for ideas, money, listening to the wife discuss how much it's costing... Oh, did I mention money?

The bonus? After you've carted that wheelbarrow full of cash toward the project a few times you can weld that wheelbarrow right into the firewall so you've got enough space for that billion cubic inch tire roaster you've got snuggled in there!

Here are a couple of mine...

This one's an '85 w/ 33" shoes and she just got fresh 4.88:1's dropped in this weekend. There's roughly 100k on the clock.

This one's an '83 w/ stock everything. 6375 miles (total) on the clock.

This one's a '63 w/ a handful of minor surgery done to make it a dd. Works good but I'm emerging from my caveman stage and am beginning to appreciate some of the changes made since and don't want to cut into it in any major way to make it more of a modern vehicle.

And it's 1964 twin...

I've got a G-Wagen, too. Diesel, 5sp, locking front, rear, and center difs, etc. Amazingly stout.

And my summertime baby...

And yes, my lovely wife has suggested that there's an issue she'd like to discuss regarding garage space. I'll be putting some of these in the wind here in the next while. Probably two FJ45's and the G. Not totally sure but probably.
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