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Installed some 60s with skene design hq70 dimmer and trail tech 3 position switch as outlined on his website with the alert feature button. Ground to frame 12 volt lead horn. When I turn on ignition they just flutter. And do not enter program mode. Any ideas? I hope it has nothing to do with led rear blinkers I bought off eBay that pulse faster than usual.

Nvmnd. I switched to another 12 feed and it is stable now.
Programmed with trailtech switch.

low=20% (for night (safe setting)
mid=40% (gonna try it for night, see if I get flashed alot from on coming, if I do go back to 20%)
high= 70% (for Sunny bright Days)

Highbeam shoots them to 100%.

Problem though is my ferring guards. I cannot lower the light to adjust them from shining into the trees.
I cannot angle the lights too low or they hit the guards and I can't turn. I laid the klr down a few times and bent the guards..
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