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Well. The storm turned our roads into hot garbage. People could not even clear their our driveways since most trees had power lines with them. Power is coming back in most places. I was out for four days. The wood stove was clutch, as was filling the tub with water so we could flush the toilet. The conservatory had power Friday morning so the wedding went well without having to rent a shit load of generators. Win. The Andover inn got power, but no water. So the night of my wedding we had 8 people staying at my house, some sleeping on air mattresses borrowed from oems. It was actually really nice to be really great to stay up hearing stories about everyone's version of the night. But some friends chipped in and got us a night away in a nice B&B for a very restful night. Some taggers may recognize the joint....

A quick thanks to you guys who made it. People are still raving about how the night ended with motorcycles on the dance floor!
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