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Ive got a GS on my GS with the fancy electrified ring. The bag and mount is solid, on road/off road/no road- that bag does not move.
My complaint is with the electrification system, it started out quite solid, but has been less than useful lately. There is a relay connected to the pos led of the ring and the metal latch point. With the bag installed, the circuit is complete and power is available at the lands. No bag, no power at the ring - very slick. Unfortunately, the lands are soft and the spring pins in the bag ring are sharp. They dig into the lands and become intermittent, causing any devices in the bag to cycle power, which is not healthy.

I sidestepped the problem by installing a 3 pin weatherproof amphenol into the bag. One pin is a common ground, one pin is always on and the third is switched to the ignition. Its not as convenient to remove the bag anymore, but it's still better than straps/zippers and far more secure than magnets.
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