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4 HID mod, plus T10LED as accessory light

So this is a homemade mod for 120$ ans a full day of work I made... I bought projectors for 32$ on ebay, and one set of 35W HID kit with 5000K H3 (27$), a 55W HID kit with 5000K H7 (33$), and a paire of 6000k H7 and a pair of 6000K H3 (8$ a pair).... For the T10 LED I took a 6000K 42 SMD for 1.68$ (DO NOT NEGLECT THIS IT LOOKS AWESOME) ... Bought two 12V Bosch relay off ebay (4$) as well as red and black 16 Ga electrical wire...

As you can see in the pics I made my own copy on the ridiculusly priced light bracket that goes between the body panels... took a white but with a band saw it worked well! I also made my own aluminium light protector or heat reducer (only esthetic for me haha)

So when I turn my ignition key on the LED comes on (way brighter than the stock T10).. Then when I start the bike the 35W HID Low beam comes on with the 35W projector HID on the oposite side, and when I turn on the high beam, the 55W HID High beam comes on with the 55W HID projector on the other side (Both 6000K because a 6000K 55W is the same color as a 5000K 35W BTW...)

One last thing, I will paint the aluminium deflector black when I pain my homemade case backets...
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