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2012 Husky TXC310 Review/Ideas

A little back ground on me first. I am 34, and have been riding for around 18 years but just really got into off road about 5 years ago. I am not a racer but am entertaining the idea. I ride hard and fast most of the time but I do enjoy a slower ride from time to time. I am 6'1" and about 190 dressed with a 34"+ inseam and long arms. I ride mostly very tight woods with some connectors in between in the hart of the Shawnee Forest.
My WR250R is my daily ride and I was afraid that with the trail rides I do I would tear up my WR and be stuck without a way to work. With that in mind, two weeks ago I bought a new 2012 Husky TXC310. I just got done doing the break in oil change and thought I would tell everyone what I think of the bike so far.
First impression:
The bike looks good. The fit and finish is on par or a little above most. I like the in-molded graphics on the plastic. A majority of the graphics on the bike are, however the few that aren't don't last past the fist bath. I like how the bars are four way adjustable. I like how the seat comes up with just a half turn on the toolless screw on the back. The bike comes with all the bells and whistles for the most part and I am not at the level where anything on the bike isn't up to my needs.
Before Brake-in:
Took the bike out just in the field to start the brake-in procedure. The bike starts right up. Preload looks to be just right for my with the manual spec 4" sag. I took off and loved the smooth engagement of the clutch. Once underway it became clear that the bike is much different than any of my other bikes. It is BIG. I didn't realize how far out my arms were in relation to my other bikes. They also set much higher. I had arm pump in 15min. First time in years I have had it. I normally can ride hard for 2-3 hours without getting it at all. Must have something to do with the reach and the height because the suspension felt smooth. It could have also been the vibration because there is quite a lot of it. The power is nice but the throttle is SO sensitive. I don't think I will get use to it. It is so on/off. I just don't see how you can deal with it, on a track no problem but this was crazy for the woods. The transmission is tight. I hit neutral every time I shift from first to second. This is annoying and has me concerned.
Oil Change Time"
So this is the hardest bike I have every had to change the oil on. Listen up bike manufactures IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A BIKE THAT REQUIRES OIL CHANGES AND AIR FILTER CHANGES EVERY TEN HOURS OR LESS, MAKE IT SO YOU CAN CHANGE THE OIL AND AIR FILTER IN UNDER TEN HOURS! I have never seen anything like this. Basically you have to remove the skid pan which isn't that bad being it is only one bolt. When done with that you must loosen a hose off the bottom of the "drain bolt" which is more of a drain barb. The bitch of this is that you have to use an open ended wrench getting oil everywhere. Next the manual says to be sure you clean the screen behind the hose barb. Well thirty minutes later I could not find a damn screen anywhere. I don't think it exist. Next your replace the oil filter. This is straight forward and easy. I would like to let you know that the 2008 Honda CR250F filter is a crossover and fits perfectly. It is easier to come by and only cost $6 at the Honda shop. When done with resembling put in a quart of 10W50 and be on your way.
QUESTION TO ANYONE WHO HAS DONE THIS OIL CHANGE: Do you think if you were to put a T fitting on the hose that connects to the drain barb with a valve on there that you could open and close to drain the oil? If you did this it would be the easiest bike I have ever worked on to do an oil change. I don't see why this wouldn't work. Also, what does that line go to? I looks like it goes into the bottom of the gas tank?????
After Brake-In Rides:
A lot of the vibration is gone. Now it is on par with most race bikes. On my first real ride out my number plate came off and the indicator light fell down. I quickly took it home and realized that there isn't a single screw on the bike with "LocTite" on it. So I spent the next 45 minutes fixing that issue. Although there has been a some new relationship pangs I am loving the bike. The transmission is shifting much better. I only hit neutral four times during a two hour ride Sunday. I am getting use to the power delivery. It is nice if you want to crawl around a lot and gets the front end up easy. It finds traction everywhere and I think this is starting to get fun. I still like the way a 2-strokes power comes on better but I love not having to worry about denting my pipe all the time. I am getting use to the geometry of the bike and I had no noticeable arm pump on that same ride. I am brave on the bike and trying some things that I normally wouldn't. I would recommend the bike to most anyone and I am glad I bought it. At the price there isn't anything that competes.
Things that still piss me off:
The oil and air filer changes are a HUGE pain in the ass. There has to be a better way!

A few things I need:
G2 throttle tube with a 400 cam--This is on order an should be here this week. This should take away the abruptness of the throttle. I bought it from them direct and I was pleased with their service.
Cycra barkbusters--I have to keep my fingers my fingers. I bought these from you local dealer for $104. They are in my shop but I am waiting for the throttle tube to install them.
MSR Radiator Guards--I bought these from my local dealer. The dealer was great and I picked them up for about $80. The guards once installed are effective and work well. With that said, this MSR product had the most confusing worst written instructions I have ever read. This took over two hours to do this install because of all the misinformation.

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