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Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
The airbox has been modded and K&N filters added. Got some hoses hanging out that I need to trace. Need to pull the carb and see what jetting was done.
if your airbox is done and you have an aftermarket exhaust, I bet the jets are done too... I wouldn't bother, especially if you say it runs great and has good power (as long as there is not backfire or surging you should be golden)

Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
I will probably lower it. I'm short and the big problem is not in the riding, but mounting and more so the dismounting. I've got the short kickstand, so I thought I'd factory lower the rear and slide the forks up in the front. If I like it, I'll do the factory lower on the front when I add some emulators.
that's all I did, worked just fine. I left the seat stock and dropped the front about 10mm - the only problem is the lower ground clearance (thank dog for a bash plate )

Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
When is Rick's Rendevous and do you have a rookie class?
there's all kinds of rides... you'll be fine

Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
Anyone running a case protector on the counter sprocket?
never did, and never felt the need to.
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