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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
My wife who is a RNFA in the OR put together a kit for each of my motorcycles last year for my birthday. One thing she included that I think is a good idea is a supply of liquid bandage/dermabond/nu-skin/whatever they call it these days. Good for large abrasions. The only problem I have is that I stow them both under the seat...which means if I can't get to the bike, I can't get to the kit and that could be a problem. I might look into figuring out a way to carry them in a pouch on my person somehow, in some position where falling it on it would not break bones...
I have mixed feelings about that stuff, I would rather utilize a larger dressing w/a lot of bacitracin or any other antimicrobial ointment because the dermabond is analogous to superglue. It is hard to get off and often times creates a nice barrier in which bacteria can grow rampant under. In a pinch it is good for small wound closers etc... But I tend to shy away from it.

I hear you on the issue of the access to the kit. I have mine attached to the back of the bike but I carry one large ace wrap and a tourniquet on me and figure I can crawl to the bike to get the rest, and if I cannot, well I am probably screwed anyways.
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