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Mini Rant

So picked up a Yugo M48 from a friend who had drilled and tapped the receiver for deer hunting (yeah yeah, molested a perfectly fine milsurp). He had purchased it from AIM, thought it was a Yugo k98 capture, and wanted to move to a smaller caliber for our small Florida deer. Missing cleaning rod, a capture screw, rear sight base screw, and the barrel retaining band, stock is not the best, and although he's had it for awhile and shot it, still has cosmo in the innards and bolt. Talked to him prior to purchase, and he said he cleaned it, then did a finger test in the chamber and just covered in corrosive ammo residue. Ok, to focus my mini rant:
  • Initial milsurp cleaning - whole rifle needs to be taken apart and soaked in mineral spirits to get the cosmo out. Very basic.
  • Routine maintenance - cleaning is not just putting patches down the barrel, you need to do the chamber and anywhere else the corrosive ammo residue can get. This is pretty much everywhere.

Ok, end of mini rant. Please enjoy your normal Monday morning programming.
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