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The local bike club held a free MTB skills clinic yesterday, and about 50 people showed up for it! (The organizers took bets between themselves as to how many people would show up... highest guess was fifteen!) Anyway, it was a great day. I started by doing a half lap to get warmed up, or about 3 miles, then went and chatted with folks until the clinic started.

Lots of kids and people new to bikes were there, so they started by going over general trail etiquette, then basic bike maintenance. Lots of people were amazed at just how much you have to do to keep a good bike in shape. I think most, myself included until a few months ago, had always bought cheap Wal-mart bikes and then just replaced them after a year or two when they broke from lack of upkeep.

After that, we split into three groups, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I took the intermediate group, as the advanced was being led by a local semi-pro racer and the beginner group was mostly the kids and some older folks just getting into the sport. All in all, it was a great time. The instructors showed us how to best get through some hairy sections of the trail, including line to take, body position, etc. There is even a section of the trail I did not know existed that we went through. I will describe it as a half-pipe with three 180 degree turns in it The advanced group leader rode that part and got good air on all three of the turns, I tried not to wash out my front end, and succeeded

Now to rest my legs a day, and go try to practice some of that stuff maybe tomorrow night. (And try out the new headlight.)
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