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Originally Posted by WW Ronin View Post
A couple of recommendations.
Substitute coban (vet wrap) for some of those ace wraps. It's available at several locations including REI and is superior for most dressing applications.
Lots of folks get themselves onto trouble with tourniquets. In most cases, direct compression is superior to attempts at cutting blood supply. Handled improperly you can certainly do more damage with a tourniquet. And the sad reality is that if you sustain a large arterial injury and you are alone way out in the sticks, that is likely lethal anyway.
I also carry a skin stapler but that won't be easily available and requires a bit more training to use.
Lastly I also like the burn jelly REI sells as it is primarily Lidocaine and can act as an easily applied local anesthetic.
Coban has some utility but when looking at space and what is the most versatile the ace bandages are vastly superior because they have so many applications.

I am making a special video on tourniquet application. One of the huge disconnects between the civilian utilization and the military side is that we utilize tourniquets effectively everyday to staunch arterial flow. I cannot tell you how many times the arguments come up as they are essentially the antichrist in the world of civie EMS. But utilized properly they are life saving and you can make it out of the wilderness just fine.

I am staying away from any form of suture/stapling because of issues that can occur w/the application of those techniques, as well as the skill needed to effectively employ them. This series is designed to be low tech, but highly effective. The burn cream is a good idea, but the effects of the lidocaine will disappear really fast. For the space an antiseptic cream might be a better alternative, but if it is a 2+1 system then that is great.
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