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SMA - a Moroccan town

Originally Posted by RexBuck View Post
Had heard so much about SMA and wanted to give it a little extra time. Plus it will be my birthday and I want to be somewhere with good internet so I can talk to family and friends.

Walked around SMA centro for a bit. Two things stood out: First, virtually everything is painted only yellow and red. No blues, pinks, greens. Of course some will postulate that I am colorblind or at least color-retarded. To which I respond – pshaw! Half a dozen colors works for me.

As an aside, this picture gives a good idea of the traffic in large towns - tends to be a little chaotic at time.

Second, there is a lot of real estate taken up in the core with churches – they almost seem to be on top of each other. Some are quite dramatic. This is the main Cathedral at night.

It is a beautiful city though with a rich heritage. Went to the house of Ignacio Allende next to the main Cathedral on the Jardin (that is what they call their Zocolo). It is now a museum chronicling the life and times of Allende. He is considered to be one of the main players in the start of the Revolution in 1810 when Mexico broke away from Spain. He was born in this house and later came to occupy it. As the town’s favorite son, they change the original name from San Miguel Grande to San Miguel de Allende.
Kind of a goofy looking dude, but I guess that was stylin in those days

Here he is looking a bit more masculine

The house seemed a bit Spartan with the family’s rooms upstairs and servants, stables and storage downstairs.

Found a little hole in the wall restaurant away from the centro for breakfast. The lady who owned the place had these great masks on a shelf – said her kids wore them in a June Fiesta / parade.

Flower stalls at the Jardin - as Day of the Dead approached, started to see more and more flowers for sale and ultimately big trucks loaded with flowers selling them as fast as they could unload them.

Hmmm, high heel aligator cowboy boots? Whatever!

How to properly level a 3 floor high scaffold

And, last but not least, a sign there must be Gringos or Beemers or both nearby

The Moors occupied much of Spain for ~ 750 years leaving behind their style of city construction. Go to the back streets of SMA, narrow, stone, flat roofed. You could be in Morocco, or some places in the Middle East. I like that look, it even is found in NM and southern CO. I'm planning a ride down to Mexico this winter on my Honda ST 1300. Too big? I could buy a Vstrom 650 for the effort.
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