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Something I wanted to ask those of you who have these carbs.

I can't get past 200kph. I hardly ever go there, especially as I have Michelin deserts on, but recently I found something that was of interest in this conundrum.

I currently run a 17/42 only because that's what I needed when I had the SD gearing in. Now I have the standard Adv gearing, it's much better but just waiting for a spot of garage time to go down in sprockets. But, the current gearing with my 100 plus Hp should be a breeze, literally. But it's not.

Initially, I put it down to the 39mm's just not being up to the task when in higher revs, but now that I have dropped the gearing I still end up with the same terminal velocity even though the engine is now sitting in the meat of it's torque?

Last week I was going up a pass that is renown for it's wind. It is a freeway type thing with long wide corners that can be taken at speed. This day was especially windy. I noticed on one long sweeping corner, that as the wind angle changed more from side on, to the front, the bike lost a noticeable amount of power. Not suddenly, just in relation to the angle of the wind. I turned around and rode up there twice just to check I was not imagining it.

I think that up to 170kph'ish, the carbs do not get so affected by wind blast, once past that there must be something going on that affects the flow. I have safari tanks on, maybe they funnel more air in that disturbs the flow. I am keen to know if any of you can easily get past 200 with your FCR's on an Adventure format bike?

I am looking forward to my set of billet velocity stacks to see if it makes a difference. I also suppose that the airbox on the OEM carbs may have a role to play in shielding the carbs from the adverse effects of the wind blast.
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