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Originally Posted by russt View Post
I know this is the "ride thread", but wanted to get the question out to this group. As we all live in roughly the same area with the same traffic/ terrian. I am looking at getting a big bike in the next few months and am interested in what some of you have experienced with 2-up riding. Your likes/ dislikes of riding with a passenger on your bike. How does your bike handle, how is the power of your bike with a pasanger, and what your suggestions would be. I am considering everything from the F800GS, 950/990 Adv, 1200GS, Super Tenere, Tiger... In the next few weeks we are going to start test riding together, and am interested in what your experiences have been. This will be for road tours with boxes or bags, and as long as we are getting a big bike, I want to hit the dirt too. Currently ride a DR650 as my daily commuter/ dirt bike/ ADV bike, my wife rides a plated CRF230, and she wants to go out for multi day trips riding together; a bigger bike is needed.

Thanks in Advance!
I haven't done dirt, but I have done a few long days with my girlfriend on the back of my F800GS. I'm 165 lbs, she is 130 lbs, I do 2 up with hard panniers (Caribou/Pelican type) and a Givi E52 top box case, and I felt I had enough power to go as fast as I wanted to go on the pavement (80-85mph). But people have different preferences on power (see johngil's comment about engine size).

Some things to consider:
1. Comfort of you and your passenger. Find a dealer or dealers that allow demo rides. Take the bike out for a spin with your wife. I never did this 2 up but my girlfriend is very comfortable on my F800GS. This is probably the most important thing to do and think about.
2. Riding you want to be more biased to road comfort, easy dirt roads, or rougher (bigwan/littlewan style: If it's road and easy dirt, you might like the GS's or Tigers more. If you want to be able to push it harder in the dirt, then the 990 is probably for you.

Oh yea, your stand over height and what you need to do if the bike needs lowering, as you have to stabilize the big while she mounts/unmounts.
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