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Originally Posted by jondirt View Post
Thanks Rivers Pilot - good to learn that about the 350LM, I will skip it. Also handy to learn about your operation, I'll keep it in mind. And yes, the TAT is a blast.

On the Montana, do you miss the fuel gauge support? Its something I frequently use on the Zumo 550...

I'd be sold on the Montana if it supported third party apps - then other groups could develop e.g. a fuel gauge, or multiple trip meters, or, my favorite idea for an app: a way to wirelessly transmit an address from my smartphone to the GPS. I often use my phone to find addresses, only to rekey them on my GPS.

I agree with you that Basecamp is the way to go. My biggest frustration with Mac Basecamp is that you can't create routes that combine auto-routing with direct-routing. So when I have a day planned out that combines offroad segments with road segments, I have to split it into multiple routes and load each one separately, changing device routing settings as I do so. As you point out, I could just follow a track, but drawing a track for a 300 mile day is tedious...
Who told you that you could create mixed-routes in Mac BaseCamp? It's quite simple - just create your along-road route segment and then switch to a non-routable map of the area you want to Direct Route in. Create your via points for the Direct Route and then switch back to the routable map and continue your routing. DO NOT recalculate the Route or you will screwup the Direct Routing segments. Also, make sure that you do the final routing on the routable maps (the same version as is on your Montana). If you do recalculate and the routable segments turn "Direct", simply use the "Select-opt" edit tool to drag the segments back to a routable road.

Works for me every time...

P.S, Why are you "drawing" Tracks for a 300mi Day? Is that 300mi all not on a mapped road? When I want to create l-o-n-g Tracks, I just use the Routing tool and create a route. Then I just "Create Track from Route" and then add in any other track segments I might have.

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