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Originally Posted by Tbone View Post
So we need some reviews of those bikes...what was your favorite?
Ok, well my opinion is heavily biased, but here goes.
I'm uber-used to a big thumper, so the twitchy 2-smokes have me riding in damage control mode most of the time.

If I had to pick a favorite, it was the 350 XCF-W. IIRC, it was the one equipped with the Rekluse auto clutch. This concept was most intriguing to me, so I had fun riding it. They were all fun in different ways, but that bike was the best. It's probably due to the fact that with the gearing setup of my KLR, I virtually never have to do much clutch work and it tractors through the obstacles.

The day after the race, I rode Crash's 250 XCF-W and I was stalling it like crazy which made for a frustrating day. This wouldn't have been an issue with the Rekluse.

I don't have enough true dirtbike experience to offer a more in-depth review.
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