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Originally Posted by frog View Post
It is the cleanest its ever been.

I took it out sunday for a break in run of 75 miles. It runs really strong and feels great. I ran the big lights just to make sure the electrical system was up for it.

Cant wait to get this adventure started. I'll finally answer the question that has plagued me for months, am I doing enough to prepare. That question has motivated me to do things I would not normally do. I got home yesterday from riding and did 2 hrs/8000 revolutions on a elliptical. Months ago if someone told me I was going to be going to a gym and spending 2 hrs on an elliptical I would have laughed my ass off. The motivator... 1100 miles.

Looks Awesome! Great work Phil! Thanks for the bike info, I appreciate it. You mention new cylinder sleeve and piston, did you get all new valves too or the crank balanced? Just curious cause I'm all ears when it comes to learning about bike and race prep.

2 hours on the elliptical? At my local gym here by the beach, that's two precious hours of eye candy watching... it makes cardio time go by fast! Hot strippers and cocktail waitresses have to work out somewhere right? I'm glad you're cranking it up in time for the race. Like you said, you now know the answer to the question... You Are Doing all you can do to prepare, now its time to have fun (well once the flag drops!).
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