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apologies, but I am not completely understanding what you are wanting to do here-

Are you going to be moving back into your house once power comes back on, and just want to minimize any freezing damage that may happen until that point?

Or are you wanting to winterize this house which is going to have no heat until spring, and need to figure out how to do that without power?

If this is the home you live in, and you are just waiting until your power comes back on, as long as temps stay above 25 you will have no issues at all with any piping that is not located on an exterior wall as there will be enough latent heat to keep things from freezing enough to cause any leakage.

Now, if this house is going to stay empty then you've already had some good suggestions for draining everything. My only input then is to go and do a thorough drain ASAP so you don't get into a situation where some water partially freezes and prevents that line from draining.

Also, if you have not done so unplug everything possible during a power outage as when it comes back on you can get some pretty big surges. As mentioned you can trip the breakers too but I'm a pussy and pull the plugs on the fridges, washer, dishwasher etc as well.
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