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Some hard truth being dropped in this thread.

I race the equivalent of category B on a mountain bike, at what I like to think is a competitive level (usually mid pack with some podium finishes, depending on the track). It doesn't hold a candle to desert enduros (or really any type of motorcycle riding). I started racing open Novice in the NMDRC series this year and the only reason I was never last was because of others' DNFs and breakdowns.

I know from my experience on the pedal bike though that Strong Bad is completely correct:

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
As you build endurance, your speed should also increase as you prolly won't be spending as much energy to go fast as you did when you started racing.
I know even when I'm out on the course on a moto that I spend SO much energy going over whoops with bad technique. Knowing where you suck the most can be half the battle.

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
You will learn that there are places that you will be able to relax and recover. Almost NOBODY racing today can go 100% the entire race.
Sort of true, but (at least in mountain biking) all that really changes is that you are better equipped to live in the "pain cave" for the majority of the race. I may ride at 75% speed to "recover", but it still feels like 110% effort when I'm doing it. "It never gets easier, you just go harder/faster."
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