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Originally Posted by Hotmamaandme View Post
I saw this picture over on I thought it was worth pasting over here. I am looking into LED auxillary lights I need more light at night. I was thinking I would just hang them from the crash bars but this picture has me thinking.

Notice the LED auxillary lights mounted in the stock blinker holes and small stalk type LED blinkers mounted off the fairing. Yes it looks like a hole has to be drilled in the fairing but Im not planning on selling my TA for a long time so its my bike my customization.

The other LED light solution I have been looking into is mounting a bar/bank/bunch of high tech super duper LED lights in the stock head light area but finding a suitable size and shape has been tricky not to mention pricey once you start putting a bank of LED lights together in one unit. Or two seperate rows of 4-6 LEDs that way there is a high and low function still.

I've been running that aux setup the last couple years. Definitely a noticeable difference with the way cars treat you with the added visibility. Add a steble horn and you're ready to to survive on the roads!

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