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My shortened rubber velocity stacks are coming loose. Rats! I can't figure a good way to do it. First off I am going to go back to stock length and make sure it is worth the trouble (I think they will be but I am not absolutely sure just yet) and then I am going to find some aluminum tubing to machine on for the snorkel/box junction and clamp some after market ones on the inside of the box. I will probably end up with about the exact setup that was on a race bike I worked on that RAN. My bike is semi regularly lifting the front wheel at around 5k rpm in first with no bumps or anything but smooth pavement involved. I think that is around 45mph! I have raised the compression on enough bikes to think that a lot of my performance gains are from my port work. I was a bit worried because they where so far mismatched I took a lot of meat out matching them up. I usually follow Smokey's advise and leave the port floor pretty much alone but I had one raised floor a lot higher than the other so I took the high one down and matched them up. I raised the roof a lot on the other to match that up but that almost always works. That and the top sides. That always works too if you do it right. Same story all over again with the exhausts minus the top sides of the exhaust are just like the bottom sides.

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