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Originally Posted by mung View Post
Not a chance! The rider in front always has the right of way.It is up to the passing rider to do it safely and reasonably.That said if a rider has caught you they are most likely faster so why not get out of there way so they can get on with their program?
Moto, I have 2 things to "guess" for the context of that comment...

#1, at Nationals or "World Rounds" where usually only the best of the best (#2 especially back in those days) this could very well be true, that the PRO's were much faster on the loop, and most of the other riders were kind of supposed to give way? Kind of like PRO & amature, racing where they give the onerous of the lapped rider/driver to give way to leaders, since they are expected to be able to handle that task or not drive in those levels or racing?

Nowadays, I suspect and think, it is less true! at least in the USA, where we've lost well over 60% of available trials and other riding areas, because of frivolous lawsuits and scares of such actions.

#2a, Club level events are dictated by the club, Most around me (all 5 states I ride in each year) always dictate and plead to riders, that everyone please be careful on the loops, last thing we want to have happen is a hurt RIDER or Spectator, which could affect the club's land. So, both riders have to give way to being SMART, if you know what i mean. most of the time the guy passing has the duty to carefully pass, since if the guy in front is struggling he might not notice anything else around him, you know.
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