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Originally Posted by kamanya View Post
Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that.

All 4 are routed to the left and are bunched and zip tied to the frame ending near my left calf.
On the adventure you run the carb vents into the center of the V on the engine there is nice calm air there.

I think the SE had some additional plumbing to let the carbs vent during deep water crossings too.
"the Super Enduro (see photo by firebolter) has an extra set of carb vent hoses that run from a brass "L" on the opposite side of each carb to a "Y" and a single line out the snorkel and into the A/C cover. This is to provide proper function of the carb vent system in deep water crossings."

and the desert bikes had
"Drill a 2mm hole into the top of the black 90 degree elbows where the fuel vent lines are connected. This helps avoid flooding the bike in case of a crash. For desert racing, itís better to run the vent lines up under the steering stem and fitted with a small filter."

Obviously the plumbing on the FCR is going to be different, but I think specially with the cross wind you where talking about that it's likely going to be a carb venting issue causing the bike to run either rich or lean.
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