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Start with

finish with

Thanks for the comments and the great photos. I have taken some photos that can be seen here: of the current condition of the stand. Some are not so good but use the zoom tool to see them better. Please feel free to copy and edit them and post them here so that we may all benefit from the shared experience.
Not sure how the stand come off but it seems that I will have to remove the sump to get the stand off or am I missing a trick here?
Remember now I am new to Airheads I am use to pre unit Triumphs, and those stands were great especially the '58- ‘62 stand, you just put your foot on the side lever connected to the stand, not the stand and it starts to raise the bike.
Surely there must be a way to modify the stand that by placing your foot on a new modified side lever, using your body weight and with the help of the law of the leaver to make putting the bike on the main stand easier.
Just a final thought is it necessary the front wheal stand so high of the ground? Could one cut a piece out the main stand and get a easier lifting effect.
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