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Not going terribly smoothly for the Brits (cross-posted from

We are now three days into the rally and it has been tough. Moly's bike failed to start before the rally began. We stripped both bikes down and did fault finding for a whole day - it was a blocked fuel injector. After searching the paddock and making many new friends we could not source anything.

Pat Green did a great job finding a guy in Casablanca and Colin at FreeStyle scoured the country but there was nothing available in the UK.

So Moly's bike was dead and he was out !

Next morning Team Husqvarna from Portugal offered us a hire bike - it was Consalvess' ex-works bike a 450 SpeedBrain Rally bike - so we took it. We then spent the whole day removing all the nav gear, secondary rear lights from Moly's bike and set about making the 450 meet the rally specs. In the evening the organisers came to see us and said "How was it going?" We said it was finished and ready to roll - they could not believe we had taken a bare bike and made it into a rally bike with operational nav gear, GPS mounts, Water storage, additional rear lights and tracking systems in a day - it was a great team effort (Phil, Loll, Burt and Moly) in 30 degree heat.

Guess what?

Moly's bike passed scrutineering - he was in.

The next day was a warm up and a prologue. The warm up was through the Erg Chebbi dunes and invloved a full road book and GPS nav test - I got lost ;-) and the dunes were hard on the 630 with the tall nav tower.

Moly sat out of the Warm up as it was optional - so he headed to the Prologue - he flew round and easily navigated it being, 17th on the day.

I however, was chasing Phil on his 450 - hit a rock step and went over the bars at 50mph !! A big one.

The next buggy hit the emergency beacon and medics were with me in 3 minutes on a KTM. I had ripped my shirt and my body armour had also ripped open so I went down the hard piste on my left hand side - great gravel rash boys.

I rode off the piste and back into the bivouac - the medics held me in there for about half an hour before saying I was OK.

But believe it or not I was not last on the stage ;-)

Today has been a rest day for me and we will try and get some video for you guys later tonight.

Cheers Burt and Moly - your boys in Morocco
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