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This is always the best way to dry clothes

This morning Iíve in mind to reach with a very short distance Sapa, a city thatís a good starting point for some trekking.
As in every city here in Vietnam the marketallows you to can see many different physiognomies

from the architectural viewpoint Lai Chau isnít unforgettable

just pay attentino to roadsigns and everything goes smoothly

No way ! One pillow isnít enough: my butt is crying (me too). I didnít see a lot of pillow shops on the roas....ohh itís a mirage ? No this man sells pillows and sheet !!!!!! Yes: I bought one immediactly and the seller has helped me to fix it over the seat. Double pillow better than one.

Sapa is on altitude of 1600 mt( 1 the Denver Broncos Stadium, the Mile High), and during the French occupation became the summer vacation resort of the foreign diplomatics: her weather remind Alpes.

As in the 2010 in India when I arrived in manali the impressioni s the same: is a city totally full of restaurant souvenir shops, travel agency, england pub, bank, music club in western style...ok nothing wrong with this situation. Iím a tourist as other people and in vacation youíve got the right to relax, but I donít need of place like this. I decided to continue and reach Lao Cai a normal Vietnamese city, on the China border.

Just one problem: I canít no more read the oil level: the little plastic window is completly dark. A very nice local mechanic called the Flamingo Travel in Hanoi, but read the level remained a mistery: they just said ďStop to put oil !Ē

Lao Cai and therís yet sunlight

Öok I had taken just the picture

the range is from the Superior room ( 18 Ä=24$) to Vip Room ( 92Ä= 118 $). My hotel was 3,12Ä =4$ a night.
Lao Cai is just a transit city


my hotel room isnít bad

In the room I notice a big irritation with a big swelling. When you travel alone, is better to have some medical knoweledge: obviously is a sting. No problem Iíve got the spray, just put a little bit...AAAHHHHHHHH the pain is incredible. It isnít a sting, but a friction of the sock on the skin...ok the liniment

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