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There has been some interest in the Canada regional forum surrounding a trip some of us DamYankees are planning for August 2013 to Newfoundland. Realistically, we will have about ten days to ride the Rock in 2013. The core members of the group are mostly interested in riding off-pavement. One member of the group is a fan of pre-Colombian history, especially that of the Vikings and Celts, therefore we'll go to L'Anse Au Meadows. Two members are pilots. We'd like to see Botwood and Gander. We are all interested in camping out and being as self-sufficient as possible. One member is an amateur film-maker, and I am a very amateur photographer and somewhat experienced journalist. We intend to document our trip to this fantastic part of North America carefully.

Given the fairly limited time available, I've constructed the two routes featured here. In total, they form a core route of about 1100 miles (1770 kilometers). As we want to explore, talk to local people, and take plenty of pictures, each day is capped at about 200 miles. Some days, 200 miles will be over before noon. Others, we may struggle to make camp before dark.

These are sketches of routes. They have not been pre-run or verified, although they contain portions of well-proven routes. They may not be accurate or even possible. I am posting them in the hope of getting commentary and local knowledge.

The northbound route: Attachment 313876

All I know is that I hope Anton brings extra loaner Russian Condoms for the ride up the Cat Arm River.
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