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Originally Posted by River Pilot View Post
2. Yes, there are 3rd party applications for Garmin and TomTom PND's. The largest seller of these applications is Spot It Out. They are approved vendors for Garmin and Tom Tom and sell their titles on those companies websites as well as their own. Been in business for 4 years and growing. They are ahead of the curve and once more GPS users are aware of GPS content applications, more content will be created. Circle of Life.
I think you are stretching the term "applications" in this reply. Most of the newer Garmin units support "Tour/Travel Guides" and with a little effort, users can create their own "Guides". But, these are not applications. They are Garmin "extensions" to the Custom POI capability of these units. Garmin does not provide an API for third-party programming on any of it's PND's.


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