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Canisterectomy: Just remove pump but leave canister?

OK so I'm considering doing a canisterectomy on my '07 990 Adventure. I've read all the 950 how info so I do understand the broad concepts.

My interest in the canisterectomy is really just that I'm chasing a vacuum leak right now and an opportunity to reduce connections, etc seems worth considering.

However, I don't like the idea of the tanks just venting to atmosphere. Maybe this is where my understanding is weak, but wouldn't that cause fuel evaporation loss over time, and/or a little bit of dirty air getting into the tanks?

What I'm wondering is if I could leave the tank vents hooked up to the canister, but then block off the hose outlet on the canister that runs to the pump, and remove the pump and reroute the vacuum lines to connect the two intake manifolds.
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