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"Ride Oregon First" Dual Sport M/C Tours: The Cascade Discovery Route

"Ride Oregon First" Dual Sport Motorcycle Tours:

Let me show you the BEST time that you've ever had riding motorbikes, starting within an HOUR of Portland, Oregon.
The Secret Stuff. The Hard to Find Stuff. The really FUN Stuff.
The REALLY GOOD Stuff that most folks unknowingly... just ride and drive right past
This is the Cascade Mountain Range version of the OBCDR, with LESS pavement and MORE fun.

Our 3-Day/Night Cascade Discovery Route Tour provides ALL logistics and trip planning.
Great, Hearty Homecooked Campsite Dinners are included for all 3 nights.
We're talking Steak Fajitas, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and a surprisingly delicious Chicken Tortilla Surprise!
Good Coffee and Bad Oatmeal will also be provided for each morning.
Each Tour is normally limited to a maximum 4 riders to keep it efficient and fun.

ONLY for this first 2013 season of Touring:
ADVers can have an introductory price of $399 for the full 3-day & night Cascade Discovery Route Tour.
This price will change next season....this year I need to build up Tour Reports and Clientelle.
Please don't confuse me with a n00b, just because my Tour is new.
I have been specifically designing and riding this Cascade Discovery Route for three years, 10-14k miles a year, put together the BEST Dirt Roads & Trails in Oregon's Great Cascade Mountains.

I have shared this Route with many groups of mid-size thumpers to big trailies,
even a fully loaded Ural Patrol with a maniac at the bars!!
Sixteen 950/990 KTMs rode "Day One" of the Route on the way to the KTM Rally in Bend.
Now THAT was a Thunderous Hoot!.
Everyone was very pleased that it offered constant challenges,
yet was still completely ridable by anybody that set their mind to it.

If you'll trust me in my first year of Professional Dual Sport Motorcycle Touring.....
I will, in turn, show you the BEST old untouched and unimproved dirty Dual Sport Roads in the Cascade Mountains.
- one after the other, after another, after another....With a couple of quad trails thrown in

You will have rarely done so few miles, in such a hard working day, as you will while Touring the Cascade Discovery Route.
At first gas stop, a bit over 100 miles, most riders are beat tired after the 6+/- hours it took to get there.
Their face-cheeks hurt from massive, all-day-long, shit-eating grins,
Their butt-cheeks hurt from the beating their made-for-hiway seat has given them.
Their legs ache from suspending their bodies over the bumps, rocks, water-bars, and erosion ruts.
The Cascade Discovery Route is Big Bike friendly, if you're comfortable powering 500+ pounds on really crappy roads.
.....and yet, this Route is plenty thumper rugged enough to challenge anyone on the 200cc-650cc bikes

The Cascade Discovery Route's Main Goals are, in specific order:
1) Touch as little pavement as possible for almost 400 miles
2) Ride the Oldest, Most Historic and Rustic Roads in Oregon
3) VERY Quick in & out for Gas, Food and drink in Small Towns Only
4) Ride as many Oregon Wilderness Area's "Border Roads" as possible
5) To make this Tour a BackCountry Experience that you will never forget

......This Cascades Discovery Route Tour is a BACKCOUNTRY ADVENTURE
If you really need Ramada at night and Starbucks in the morning, this Tour is not really designed for you.
This Tour will Camp, in TRUE ADV Style. We're gonna Guerilla Camp. Stealth Camp, Nowhere Camp. REAL ADVrider Camp.
Officially known to the Forest Circus as "Dispersed Camping".
We'll still have a few surprising luxuries,'ll be AMAZED at what I can pack on a 990 Adventure

Campfires and a Hot-Cooked Meal,
Cocktails on ice, Cold Beer, (ALL garbage is always packed out)
Midnight Smoked Brats cooked slowly over the night's coals...
Natural Springs, Creeks and Rivers. Sunsets over Mountains and Lakes. Sunrises over Wildflower-Filled Meadows.
Twinkling Stars with no light pollution.....But, most importantly.....Absolute Quiet with no noise pollution.

If you like THESE ^^^ things,
...then you've come to the right place.

Ride Oregon First: Cascade Discovery Route

Thanks for giving me this venue for fun!!!
Ride Oregon First and Cascade Discovery Route are Trademarks owned by Apple Jam, Inc.
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)

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