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So there's a reason why they call Savannah Savannah:

It's the kind of landscape you'd expect to see elephants, lions and wildebeests roaming in.

But once you get to the city itself, things change. There are a lot of identifying characteristics--essential, defining characteristics--that cities have. But I can only think of one city other than Savannah in which a tree plays an integral role: LA. Palm trees are to Los Angeles as Oak Trees are to Savannah. It wouldn't be that far of a stretch to consider the trees in both cities as representative of the personalities of the population. In LA each palm tree stands alone....individual, powerful, but in the end, not unique at all. In Savannah, the oaks intermingle with each other. It's as if there's a network of branches forming a connective canopy. You can see that network--a true social network where even strangers are treated like good friends--whenever people are around. And there's also a laziness to the trees that seem to evoke feelings of relaxation and contentment.

(Me playing with tilt-shifting:)
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