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Isn't the '59 23 window like the Vdub fanatic's holy grail? Ten large though. That guy must see something pretty special that the rest of us mortals can't, eh?

I watched a redneck neighbor of mine strip one of those in his front yard and take the almost perfect body & glass to the recycler. He used the rest of it to build a sand rail. There aren't too many sand rail running spots around Anchorage.

That same shithead used to beat his dog in the backyard when he'd come home from work. He apparently was assuming the dog had a memory for whatever it had done. Life was not kind to that little douche-bag, dog beating, rig molester.

Shouldn't have been, either. Randy was his name and he sucked.

I'll never forget watching him and one of his buddies strap that van on a trailer and hussle it off to the King Street smasher.
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