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we did it,,,modified the oem fender,,,relocated it 2"+ clearance

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
Hi GUYS,,,and yes,I AM working on it,,,ie: the front fender solution don't want to let too much of the cat out of the bag,,,we are finally getting some weather to test out my ideas,,sunny dry weather all the time isn't the ideal testing territory,,,tis the real mud n gumbo I want to check out

Will keep you all posted
OK,,,it all came together,,had my epiphany ,,followed my instincts,,,so Zach n i cut/whittled/ drilled and fabricated a simple solution to the oem unit from a crashed donor bike ,,,here's what it looks like:

caveat: What you see is the quick n dirty proto-type,,,the finished version will sport nice rounded corners n smooth cuts,,,we can even:

1,,install a mud flap on the rear half for much greater protection

2,,install a amid-flap in the front

3,,if we made a totally new fender,,the shape could be altered as well

4,,I started with the premise yo all had a an oem front fender already,,,hence the cheapest way to
Renovate it into something usefull.

this solution consisted of slicing the rear half of fender in half,drilling/grinding some holes for the lower A-arm pivot,,the front brake line,,and some relief for the L/R lower brake lines...

we fabricated some special brackets to stiffen the front and rear halves of the fender and added a strip of aluminum to tie the split back together....

we may try another version that we cut in half L-R and then provide a joining bracket,,,there is NO MODIFICATION required on any other part of bike,,,that was one of my goals,,,,Sooo,the basic premise worked on the first git go....

Please chime in if you'd like a different shape....this will handle all the complaints of dirt/mist flying up through the fairing,,,'methinks that dirt flying off and toward the front of the bike may still head back???,,,and it will NOT handle the colorado gumbo,,my trick de-gumbo set up will be next,,,in the meantime
this set-up works....

here's Part #



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