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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
Very odd. I watched Patrick do a presentation a couple of months ago. He is a very funny guy to listen to. At age 29 he decided to race the Dakar, bought a klr as it was the only bike that looked "rallish" at the local store and went and raced in a fim event in Africa. He finished in last after the entire bike fell apart inlcuding the starter. At one point he used a rope and a camel to bump start it in soft sand. He had never ridden a bike on the street or gone around a corner...only back and forth on a dirt road

He moved on and gained a bunch of experience and after a few failed attempts he finished the Dakar in 2011 (? I think).

Last year he spruced up an xr650l and attempted a record speed for circumnavigating Africa. He had a bad, bad crash.

I'm stoked to see he is back competing again...but what the heck is riding
Thanks so much for the kind words.. I really appreciate.
I am writting you from Merzouga.
This bike is a prtotype fromTacita. its name is T-Race..
I am honnored to be their test pilot, We are here to gain more data on what will become the next generation of off road electric.
I am getting a reasonable 75 mph rally speed. The range is what we are testing. So we will not make performance but willl try to finish the rally
it is a world premier
btw they are 4 battery reservoir and has a 6 gearbox:
talk to you more later with pics and report
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