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I wake early after a restless few hours in a dream like state.. I was so anxious to leave i thought i would get a early start to pack my bike before Daniel could wake up..
It took a few trips up and down the lift because i could only carry a few things with one hand on a crutch to keep off my ankle.. And when i packed up the bike i realised I had more than just a few things.

So i wait for Danny to get up, and wait some more and it gets to midday and hes still not up so i finally wake him up and tell him that i'll wait downstairs while i tinker with the bike...
He calls and says he has a problem.. something about his parents calling him and telling him he cant leave because his insurance was cancelled a few weeks ago i feel a bit numb as he tries to explain and tells me to wait some more while he tries to sort it out... I think his parents where a tad against him going down to mexico.

My mind races for ideas and tries to look for another plan b with me going alone, but the pain in my ankle tells me im not going nowhere....Theres no way i can even start the bike on my own in this state

It was later that evening that he gets the go ahead from his insurance company and the consent from his mother that hes able to go..
It was a indeed a real legitimate f-up from the insurance company who cancelled his policy by accident not a spiteful attempt by his worrying parents to stop him from leaving the country into big bad mexico...

Its too late to get our tyres changed (Sorry Sequioa Geoff) - i was suposed to leave the knobbies for you.
So i load them on my already overloaded bike. And Daniel uses a million ropes to get his load on..

Bikes all packed he kick starts mine first go and i stand there idling away feeling a bit nervous about carrying such a heavy load.
Daniel gets on his and starts kicking it over, with a little trouble (a bit unusual for him) He kicks and kicks and his bike wont keep an idle,
it just bogs and cuts out continuously, 20mins of that we know theres something wrong..


Basically the rest of the night we end up trying a few things, it couldnt hold an idle and the petcock was leaking..
We ended changing the petcock, the fuel tank, the spark plug, condenser the exhaust the air filter and the carbs in sequential order to try diagnose a problem.
After the second carbs still didn't work, he cleaned out the jets and voila.. it started up.. it was around 1am.

We unloaded all our gear in the boot of his truck and the next morning we were finalllllly on the road.

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