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Originally Posted by redprimo View Post
I think your idea of trying to get it running before spending much on it is sound, but once it is running how likely are you to pull it apart if you hear something? or would you be tempted to run it into the ground? I know how tempting it is to just ride a cheap dirt bike till it dies.
I actually am pretty good about being kind to my machines and fixing them the right way (not like I was when I was 16 that's for sure). I figure if it actually does run 'ok' AND all the parts are there, then I have the rest of the winter to figure out what else it may need. I also want to get it to a point to see whether it can be titled/registered (even if I push it to DMV, Ha, they're only 2 blocks away - obviously needs to be together for this to happen). I can also budget myself instead of a giant chunk of money right at the beginning, without even knowing if the whole bike is in the 'proverbial baskets'. Gaskets are pretty cheap and my time costs me nothing... My wife and I are also in the middle of purchasing a house so I REALLY want it together (and at least able to be rolled around) before we move. I hate moving basket cases from one point to another. Seems like something always gets lost or damaged. So, maybe not the best way to do it, but that's ok. I may be broke but I'm patient .

I'm loving this ADVRider forum BTW, really like reading all the info about these bikes. Learning something new every day. Had NO idea these bikes should be pre-oiled because of airlock issues in the oil pump setup before post rebuild startup, for example. Or, all the different ways to install the timing chain tensioner. Or, the stripped headbolts issue - happened to me, but helicoiled it to the tune of about 25$ - and still have extra coils and tools for the next time it goes bad. Just all sorts of little tips to make a successfully running bike.

I have to say, a close friend of mine bought a brand new KTM to the tune of around 10,000$ (he's a serious rider/racer so I'm not begrudging him this). That being said, I could throw A LOT of money into a used bike, have a completely rideable bike, and have no where near that kind of money into it. In fact, in my lower income bracket, a 10K bike would completely be out of my price range for now and forever. I'm not saying that a person can't buy a bike for that kind of money, more power to them, but I freak out when I spend 4000$ on a car! So, this kind of bike is really fun, educational and very economically practical. I have had many bikes over the years, fought with most of them but had fun with all of them. Every one of them was some kind of project.

My favorite was a CB360T found 'basket case' in a chicken coop. I was at a garage sale, saw a frame for 75$. Asked the guy if the engine was available. He said it's in the chicken coop. Sure enough, a taken apart 360 engine, complete with chicken poop. Got the whole thing together and rode it for several years - then sold for a decent profit!

Anyway, now I'm just rambling, but again, thanks for the info! All of it is being assessed and certainly helps.
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