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Originally Posted by mpatch View Post
Isn't having unknows the spice of life? I can see being prepared (ie tools, proper gear, some idea of the area/culture, $$, etc.) but planning every stop, camping/hotel spot, road etc. seems to take most of the fun out of any trip no matter the mode of transport. See so many people following or asking for "routes" to get somewhere. The lease enjoyable trips for me have always been when I have a set destination and a set time to get there.
I have learned in the 20+ years of constant travel, that plans work when you have a deadline.

If I had 3 weeks to ride:
I would plan a few places to see
I would plan 10.5 days in a general Wyoming and Montana.
Then a return 10.5 days.
Or 2 days to get to Portland and then 12 days to get back to Houston.

That'd be about the extent of it

In 2009 ( I think) I took a couple of weeks and planned for 12 months on the road, it turned out to 19 months. about 14 days to get all consumables on the bike fresh and a few days to get gear, which only 25% of it was not replaced.

it was one un-f'n-believable journey
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