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Originally Posted by headtube View Post
Fuel flow?? When the symptoms you describe begin to occur, stop the bike and drop the float bowls. Check the level of petrol in the bowl. It should be 3/4 full, or there abouts.

Question: does it bog and cough straight up or in corners?

Things to look for... (1. Be sure your gas cap is venting (breathing). You can try running the bike with the gas cap not fully closed to see if this betters your situation. (2. When the bike is NOT running - open the taps on the tank without the fuel line attached. Catch the fuel in a vessel... look for bits. Fuel should flow undisturbed. If there is a trickle or bits, you've got some cleaning to do.

If this doesn't better your problem there is a possibility that you have an electrical short that you need to track down.

thanks, i'll try that. Symptoms occur roughly 20 minutes after a start up where it sat for a while. The 20 minutes right after start up the bike runs Good. Then any time i give it any kind of throttle is starts all the symptoms and just progressively gets worse and worse to where its trying to cut out just in idle as well.
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