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Originally Posted by Wy'east View Post
If you are really concerned, just take the plates off before you take the picture or be "old skool" and throw a rag over it. You guys are wayyyy over thinking this.

In so far as the desired "effect" being undone, I think some of you might be thinking of that pedophile douchebag that they tracked down and caught in Thailand by un-swirling his avatar picture.

If you're really interested in the mechanics and discussion of this fascinating topic or reversing convolutions (called "deconvolution" btw) this will get you started, but your head might explode trying to understand it if your background doesn't include some exposure to digital image processing on a more than passing interest level and a good dose of math. Have fun...
Not me, but I'm glad they did.

My experience comes from witnessing first hand what anon can do re:somebody posting a naughty photo of their SO without properly convoluting (am I using that word right?) the face on the image. Within enough hours to be counted on the fingers of one hand the SO's name, address, and FB page address are up on pastebin, and not because someone who knows her IRL recognized her.
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