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Originally Posted by bigborefan View Post
You guys that take your tanks off and on a lot, are you using any kind of quick disconnects for the fuel lines?

Also, are any quick disconnects needed or advantageous with a Safari tank. I hate to spend $800.00 on a gas tank, but I think the Safari is the way to go. With the Rally tank you're still out $700.00.
I took mine off twice yesterday working on the carbs..I also have the Safari tank.
Its not a big deal once you get the hang of it.The OEM set up is fine,The hoses off the tank valves are pretty quick to disconnect,so is the quick connect to the carbs.The fuel pump will slide off the bracket.3 electrical plugs behind the horn cover and you're good to go..
The hardes part seems to be to reinstall the tank and keep the rubber buffers in place...i contact cemented mine and its been through atleast 8-10 removals.
Just a quick thought on the Safari..since i have itand use it. It gives you 5 hours of riding..roughly..Do your friends have Safaries as well? "cause if not,you will have to stop anyway..Can you ride 5 hours straight without stopping?..'cause if not,you'll have to stop anyway..
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