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AWD please!!
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Originally Posted by DiasDePlaya View Post
Wow!! Congrats!! You are an awesome engineer!!!

Just a question, is not easier to install an hidraulic system? A pump in the engine and a motor in the wheel?
More like too much time on my hands.....

More info can be found here:

All I can say is it's been holding up great and it helps a ton.

It may have been easier, but at the time, the only way I could get hydro parts was to buy an entire 2-track bike, no way. So I used what I could get and what I knew. Biggest PLUS, is I can get parts, if need be, in the USA.

When doing research for this build over 4 yrs ago. Here were my thoughts:

-If they hydo worked so well, and was so much better, why is it not around today? (4 yrs later - Still not so)

-As for KTM AWD/2wd- They have a patent on an Electric version, that as far as I know has never seen the light of day. The only AWD KTMs I have found other than the Christini System was an Ohlins Hydro conversion - Like the Yamaha.

-If it was that good, Why are the Erztberg racers using Christini on there KTMs and not the Hydro? (4 yrs later - Still Mechanical drive is used, NOT Hydro)

- When I asked KTM about there AWD future, I got no reply, but they did say my bike was an interesting concept.

40,000 miles later, I'm still glad I spent the time to build it.
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